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 Antharas and Valakas and Baium problem

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PostSubject: Antharas and Valakas and Baium problem   7/10/2015, 17:55

For starters:
1: For Antharas quest we need to kill mobs in front of antharas lair. which you deleted to make farm zone. We will need to kill mobs inside the Lair.. which you deleted aswell.
2: For Valakas (as for the rest) we need normal Gatekeepers to get to quests and do them. YOU DELETED ALMOST ALL NORMAL GATEKEEPERS. Or at least add all teleport locations in your custom one.
4: For baium.. we need to go to different floors in ToI to do quest. The vendor doesnt sell dimensional crystals.. so we cant use teleporter. Please add Floors 1-13 in ToI to Custom gateekepers.

Thank you.
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Antharas and Valakas and Baium problem
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